Dolce Radio is the web radio of Dolce Group. It offers a varied and atypical program to make you discover artists that the general public does not necessarily know. Your musical tastes interest us then do not hesitate to “like” the titles that pass through the “inches”. The “liked” titles appear the following week in the rankings.


June 2021

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Dear Auditors,A season ends at the end of the month. You only have a few days left to support your artists of the Dolce Découverte Awards 2021 selection, whose podium will be revealed to you […]

May 2021

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Dear Auditors, We hope that the programming will resume its normal rhythm later this month. The quiz should finally resume on May 21. Look forward to meeting you there however to play it will unfortunately no […]

April 2021

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Dear Auditors,Dolce Group celebrated its two-year anniversary on March 29 thanks to you. Despite the technical incidents we had to deal with, Dolce Radio returned to normal programming on Monday, March 22, 2021. On this occasion […]

March 2021

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Dear listeners Last month Dolce Radio celebrated its three years. We still don’t come back. Thank you for your loyalty because without you Dolce Radio would no longer exist. This month it is Dolce Group […]

Febuary 2021

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Dear Auditors,This month Dolce Radio is already celebrating its three years. Who would have thought in 2018, that we would come to celebrate the three of Dolce Radio, especially with the pandemic that hit Earth last […]


The grid is modified slightly as the season progresses.

When a programme is finished in advance, a general rotation starts up to the time of the start of the next programme.

It is possible that during the season we offer you an exceptional program in case of force majeure where technical incapacity you will be informed by the website of the radio:

For more information you can contact us by e-mail:


On air



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