September 2021 : Back to school

Dear Listeners ,

We are coming back for a fifth season. Every month, we will offer you news from the radio and its programming in the Breaking News. The schedule of programs is a bit different from that of Season 4.

What’s new in season 5

Indeed, a news flash will be broadcast daily around 7 am. A more complete newspaper and a weather reminder are available around 12:30 (except weekends) and every evening around 20:00. Besides, the cinema news is proposed to you at the beginning of the programming Bands Originales.

Dolce Quizz

The proven success of Dolce Quizz brings us to a new week-long season, with the exception of year-end holidays or exceptional cancellations due to health restrictions related to Covid-19 beyond our control.

Two teams of musicians and technicians will take turns to keep up with the performances.

The interactions of Dolce Radio

For this new season Dolce Radio has the desire to develop more interactions with its listeners via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and well on Twitch channels (especially during live quizzes), Youtube and also on SoundCloud.

We plan to meet your people, new artists…

For artists you can also send your application for the 2022 Dolce Découverte Awards.

Dolce Radio also collaborates with the other subsidiaries of Dolce Group and mainly Dolce Magazine, Dolce TV, Dolce Music.

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